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The Rampart Street Ramblers takes its name from that legendary street in old New Orleans upon which jazz music originated, once flourished, and still carries on its grand glory today.

The group carries on the tradition of the original, Traditional New Orleans and Dixieland style of jazz music.

Founded some years ago by the well-known jazz clarinet and saxophone stylist Dave Wilson, the Rampart Street Ramblers are comprised of only the very best exponents of this music; a top notch all-star group of “Traditional” music players (on trumpet, trombone, clarinet & saxophones, piano or banjo, bass or tuba) from Central Pennsylvania and beyond.

Our lineup includes on Cornet and trumpet Ben Mauger (premier traditional cornetist and leader of the Ben Mauger Vintage Jazz Band) or Todd Fulginiti (of the Cats Pajamas); Dave Wilson (Clarinet, Soprano, Alto, Tenor, C-Melody Saxophones, late of the Canal Street Hot 6); Bob Peruzzi or Brian Priebe (Trombone); Bob Kreitz or Dave Winter on Piano; Bruce Campbell or Tom Hilliker on Bass; Doug Kulp or Dave Santana on Drums.

As Ramblers or as a previous incarnation, The Canal Street Hot 6 members have performed at the Suncoast Dixieland Jazz Society in Clearwater, Fla,  Hot Steamed Jazz Festival in CT, People's Choice Dixieland Music Festival in State College, PA, Camden Yards for Baseball's Baltimore Orioles,  Graw Festival in Havre De Grace, MD, The Tri-State Jazz Society inPhiladelphia, The Pennsylvania Jazz Society and the Bethlehem PA Muskiest to name just a few, along with local venues such as the Mount Joy, Mountville,  New Holland, Donegal Springs, Coleman Park in Lebanon and Springettsbury,York summer concert series.

Dixieland jazz music is characterized by its bright, happy, uplifting nature. It is music for the people; it is accessible to everyone. And it has a real patriotic flavor, because of its very nature, and because, after all, jazz music is one of America's few true indigenous art forms. The Rampart Street Ramblers look forward to a long career in the music, and hope to meet each and every one of you at any one of its exciting venues coming up in the future.

Find out about the Rampart Street Ramblers performance schedule at the SHOWS page.

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