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Stretching Supreme


Dave Wilson Music 2022



A Love Supreme
1. Intro to Part 1: Acknowledgement 2:17
2. Part 1: Acknowledgement 13:24
3. Part 2: Resolution 9:22
(John Coltrane, Jowcol Music, Inc BMI)

4. On The Prairie 11:22
(Dave Wilson Music, BMI)
5. Days Of Wine and Roses 13:33
(Henry Mancini & Johnny Mercer, Warner Bros.)
6. Dear Lord 11:32
(John Coltrane, Jowcol Music, Inc BMI)
7. Naima 14:55
(John Coltrane, Jowcol Music, Inc BMI)


Dave Wilson - tenor and soprano saxophones
Kirk Reese - piano
Tony Marino - bass
Alex Ritz - drums
Dan Monaghan - drums (4 & 5)

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Produced by Dave Wilson


Recorded live by Sean Svadlenak at Chris’ Jazz Café in Philadelphia, PA on 10-19-2017. “On The Prairie” and “Days Of Wine And Roses” recorded on 3-29-2018.

All tracks presented here are in their full lengths as performed.
Mixed and mastered by Kent Heckman at Red Rock Studios, Saylorsburg, PA,

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