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Feeling Good
The Rampart Street Ramblers

Dave Wilson Music 2011

1. Just a Closer Walk With Thee 3:32

(Traditional Gospel tune credited to Royal Reid)
2. Feeling Good 3:56
(1965, Anthony Newley and Leslie Bricusse)
3. Oh Didn’t He Ramble 4:45
(1902, Music by Bob Cole Lyrics by Will Handy)
4. When the Saints Go Marching In 7:13
(Virgil Stamps and Luther G. Presley)
5. In the Sweet Bye and Bye 3:17
(Samuel F. Bennett and J. P. Webster)

Dave Wilson
- clarinet, tenor and C Melody saxophones
Ben Mauger - cornet
Brian Priebe - trombone
Mike Evock - banjo
John Kavolchik - tuba
Skip Rohrich - drums

Produced by Dave Wilson

Recorded and mastered at Rick Sudor's “The Camp” studios in Hershey in January 2010. Engineered y Rick Sudor.

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